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Natural Arts Academy is owned and run by Dr. Nicky Pearce Education and Training Consultancy, an accredited course provider offering courses that are pathways into a career within health and beauty, breaking down barriers for people so that everyone has a chance to do what they love. Really making dreams come true.

Teaching across many online platforms to students all over the world, sharing knowledge and skills to help people develop personally and professionally. With students in over 40 countries, with 10 different languages, and an international textbook author. Nicky truly is an international teacher in the fields of natural health, beauty, and advanced aesthetics.

We also offer a full range of advanced post-graduate courses for those professionals who wish to increase their scope of professional practice and gain further advanced qualifications.

Our tutors are qualified to teach and have experience in both NHS and private practice along with experience teaching and in research.

We are listed on the UK register of learning providers and accredited by the CPD Group, & The British Association of Health and Aesthetics (B.A.H.A.). Natural Arts Academy is the one and only currently designated official accredited provider of Natural Health courses accredited by the newly formed B.A.H.A. College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

We deliver and assess all their professional health and aesthetic courses. All our courses can be used to obtain professional indemnity insurance. We do not, however, recommend one over another, we feel it better for you to shop around and ask other practitioners. Insurance can be a bit of a scam, especially when it is not a legal requirement. There are only Two legally required insurances in the UK. One being Employer's liability and the other Car insurance. Therefore we always encourage our students to join our Facebook pages, groups, and Instagrams so that they can all share helpful information with each other and make contact with tutors for mentorship, help, information, and advice on these kinds of things. Also, some course providers might say that they have to restrict entry onto a course if you don't have entry qualifications. This is rubbish and just another way to make you believe that their course is superior and that they can refer you to a specific insurance company, that they are probably getting a cut from!!!  Conversely, it is always better to be prepared by taking adequate courses prior to your own professional and client safety. We are happy to provide you with a bespoke personally designed course or range of courses to make you a truly independent, autonomous, reflective, and accountable professional.

Speak to us with your personal and professional goals and we can guide you and design you a program of accredited courses to suit your aspirations. Making us truly flexible and bespoke, having full autonomy and no hindrance from any other organisations.

Enroll on the theory part of all our courses by clicking the Udemy links below. Pay as you go. Once you have completed the Udemy course, take a screenshot of your certificate and then contact us to complete the full qualification and, enroll in the full accredited courses. 

Breaking down barriers to education, personal and professional development.

Surgery is taught via on-line methods. The David Nott (The War Doctor) foundation had been teaching surgery via skype and other methods approved by the Royal Colleges for many years. 

VTCT (UK OFQUAL regulated authority for Hair, Health and Beauty) Also teach and assess via on-line methods and have been for many years also..... 

So don't be afraid of online learning!!!

Level 3 Initial qualification. An access into the professions if you don't have the traditional health and beauty qualifications for entry.

Flexible payments are available with no interest.

We promote your business across all our social media to help you get started.

Help, support, mentorship, before, during, and after your course.

We have delivered and assessed the theory phases of our courses since 2006 and have plenty of experience in supporting our students.

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Dermaplaning. Skin Peels. BIOHACK. Microneedling.

Plasma. Lazer & IPL. Body Piercing. Cavitation.

Faradic. Radio Frequency. Adv Cosmetic Electrology

Body Massage. Sports Therapy. Naturopathic Medicine. Foot Health Care. 

Our individual health, beauty and aesthetics prospectus's will soon be available for download. 

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