Dr. Nicky Pearce

MD (AM), MH, ND, BSc, ITEC, IHBC, IIHHT, VTCT BTh (Adv), C&G, ILM, Cert Couns, D,Hyp, FRCSND, FBAHA,. 


Nicky began his career when he first graduated in Warrington Cheshire with an ITEC Diploma in A, P & Body Massage. He very quickly went on to study Osteopathy (Pre State Regulation), and acupuncture and graduated with Diploma in both. Nicky then went to study at Halton College of F.E. where he studied IHBC Electrology, and then studied the full range of National Vocational Qualifications in the hair, beauty, and holistic therapies department graduating with VTCT Levels 2 & 3 in a range of vocational subjects. Nicky went on to teacher training and became an educational advisor to Halton college and worked as a national training officer for a private company up and down the UK. Nicky began to write his own courses which were some of the first approved qualifications by industry lead bodies. Nicky eventually went on to study Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology and Liverpool J.M.U., and then Glasgow Caledonian University in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Nicky began his career in private practice and teaching again in 2006 when he studied for post-graduate courses in Lazer & IPL. Master of Phytotherapy & Naturopathy.

Nicky has always been an advocate of continual professional development and has recently updated his teaching qualifications to a nationally regulated one, including an internal quality and assessment assurance award.

During 2020 Nicky has developed new ways of delivering high-quality educational resources including online courses which are accessible to everyone all over the world. Some of these ways have been by publishing textbooks. Publishing courses on Udemy, actively participating in the online forum SalonGeek and providing services across YouTube and other social media. Nicky believes that education should be accessible to everyone so that they can create independence, financial freedom,  stability for themselves and their families now and in the future.





Our mission is to create high-quality educational resources and courses for students who wish to develop their knowledge, understanding, and practical application to a high standard for their clients. Which will make them the best in their field and help them to become independent in many ways. Whilst promoting inclusive and fun learning experiences for everyone, being mindful of equality, diversity, and safety. 



Our vision is to create a community of like-minded individuals who can share, learn and respect each other. Making the world a better place by helping one student at a time achieve the qualifications and life that they want.