Natural Arts Clinic and Academy is owned by

Dr. Nicky J Pearce.



      Nicky is one of the UK’s first fully qualified male beauty therapists/electrologists and holds level 4 & 5 advanced qualifications.


      He went on to study for his first degree in applied biochemistry and microbiology, followed by a degree in podiatry in the NHS. He then studied for a master's in phytotherapy and a professional doctorate in alternative medicines, becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and forming the UK's first professional association which made it compulsory for all ND's to have undertaken a minimum of 4 years of professional training at the professional doctorate level.


      Nicky also holds regulated qualifications in teaching and internal quality and assessment assurance, as well as a state registration along with over 23 years of experience in research, teaching, and practice in both the NHS and the private sector.


      Nicky is the author of a few textbooks and has had syllabus’/courses approved by many industry lead bodies.


      It can be very hard for a guy to survive in this industry, so Nicky has made a point of undertaking as many qualifications as possible to keep adding strings to his bow. Over the years Dr. Nicky went through many bad and good courses. Nicky decided to combine his academic knowledge, and clinical experience to help others achieve their life’s dreams, and here are his mission and vision for his organisation.  

MISSION:- My mission is to create accessible high-quality educational content, resources, and accredited qualifications for students who wish to develop their knowledge, understanding, and practical application of this to a high standard for their clients. Which will make the graduates the best in their fields and help them to secure their futures and financial independence. Whilst promoting inclusivity, equality, diversity, through innovative, fun, and dynamic learning experiences designed by us.


VISION:- My vision is to create a community of like-minded individuals who can share, learn and respect each other whilst doing this. Improving everyone's lives, students, graduates, teachers, and our clients. Making the world a better place by helping one person at a time achieve their goals. All for one and one for all. “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”. 


I hope you join us and let us help you on your journey to completeness & happiness.

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